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Executive Orders and the Real Higher Power

We are behind him, and so is God.

Since 1913 there has been a consistent move to make the executive branch more powerful than the other two branches. Obama is taking full advantage of this. The President can make an executive order, and it becomes law in 30 days if not challenged. (for example the martial law order that Obama just enacted) None of this is taught in our classrooms today, so people don't understand what is happening. Therefore, what does declaring martial law for no reason mean? According to history, it can mean dictatorship.

If the miserable members of the Congress and Senate will not cooperate, we vote them out. However, with what is planned across the world this may be our last chance to take such effective action. The entire world is watching, waiting, and encouraging us to win.

Remember, any President can make executive orders, and that includes Dr. Paul. When Dr. Paul is elected, this will notify these rabid power-mongers that we will not put up with their nonsense any longer.

This is OUR country. With God's help, we can save it. It's a late start, but we can still do it. The most amazing thing is when Dr. Paul is elected, we all win--even those who are against him. Believe.

Avenging Angel