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Sadly we are becoming more and more like a collective. I see why people call us a cult. There will be NO descent are alternative point of view. I understand holding firm on the constitution to protect the individual but this is getting a little fascist. DP changed the category of this guys post to OFF TOPiC. I thought we joined to fight together for the Constitution and support those that fought for it as well not follow without question a pied piper that speak or language but hows actions don't fully back it up. I still support Ron Paul but you see why his donations dried up. People want to know that you will fight for them to the end and they will do the same. Once you show that you aren't willing to take to the next level they will leave, look to someone else or start their own movement. You have some people on DP saying that we cant fracture that we have to stay together but they have lost sight of why this movement grew in the first place. FREEDOM + CONSTITUTION once you waiver or consed on that then we're doomed to fail. What Democrats would come over to our side when they know the campaign is going to do back room deals in the end. This what Paul killed Santorum for doing during the debates.

I see the Revolution slowly becoming the Tea Party 2.0 that will soon be consumed by the GOP and given no voice once they get our votes after this election. We will be marginalized if we compromise now.

This view is why I support Ron Paul:
Ron Paul on compromise and democracy

I’m a Ron Paul Republican and I will abide by the Constitution and the Paul Doctrine WIN, LOSE or DRAW.

Hold the LINE for FREEDOM and MARCH steadfast with the CONSTITUTION in HAND