Comment: Perhaps my first disagreement

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Perhaps my first disagreement

Perhaps my first disagreement with Paul. Not sure the strategy. I was a delegate in Colorado, the rules were followed and everyone was respectful (even though fake slates were passed out by the Romney people). Paul walked away with a 12 delegates and combined with santorum to get 20/36 people on the Paul slate. Paul delegates even helped clean the convention floor and pick up chairs.
St. Charles, MO was not respectful. Oklahoma was not respectful. AZ was not respectful. But it was the Paul supporters there were arrests made for assult. Romney delegates assulted Paul delegates. The rules were not followed in a way that disadvantaged Paul delegates. These same people elected a majority of national delegates for Paul in the District conventions, in both states.
Benton has always rubbed me as someone who isn't a fan of Ron Paul supporters. The campaign blamed the fans for showing up to events, but not going out and voting. THERE WAS ELECTION FRAUD BENTON. It's not our job to expose and challange election fraud, that's the job of the National campaign. Now that the election fraud has been exposed through the delegate process (a true form of republicanism), the establishment is trying new ways to cheat us. Luckily this movement isn't up to the campaign. The campaign didn't raise $7M in one day 4 years ago, the grassroots did. The campaign didn't spend time becoming delegates, the grassroots did. The campaign didn't win the delegations of all of these states, the grassroots did. The campaign will not decide how we react to corruption, the grassroots will. We're not disrespectful for getting assulted, for following the rules, and for offering up legitimately elected slates to challenge illigitimate slates forced upon the delegation. Dr. Paul said himself, "An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped" not even by Dr. Paul himself.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."