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Excellent Fundraiser

I hate it when people come to my door and try to sell me stuff I don't need. The other reason I hate it is because I have a sign that says, No Soliciting. Of course little kids don't know what the sign means, and that works just fine – I buy whatever they have.

Turns out the kids are usually selling candy or something; that's cool. I don't mind paying 5 bucks for a 2 dollar box of cookies from the Girl Scouts. I like those cookies and like donating to the Girl Scouts. What's so damn hard to figure out here?

These dime cards are brilliant – if they're buying by the bag then the mark up should be ~50%. Excellent! Nice fundraiser/educational tool. Besides, these may be worth more than you paid for them before the next major coronal mass ejection.

And while the Liberty Dollar didn't deserve the vicious attacks - it did have it's problems. Two major flaws; arbitrage and the name; dollar. If I ever make “bullion rounds” I'll make the content the same as a silver dollar and just call 'em 371's.