Comment: Honestly, i don't buy it

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Honestly, i don't buy it

And why people are treating Ron Paul, Jesse Benton and the campaign staff like they are super-human with plans that we 'lesser' people cannot fathom is beyond me. They are normal people like you and me so stop treating them with divine minds.

The fact is this: Ron Paul is no longer campaigning in the remaining states where 638 delegates are up for grabs. How on earth will we prevent Romney winning the nomination with effectively handing over 25% of the delegates to him (i.e. 50% of the delegates needed to win the nomination)? The fact is that we can't.

I can't exactly say i know what Ron Paul is trying to achieve by his decision, but i'm sure it has to do with things like the longevity of the movement and influencing party policy in which he believes this is the best way to move forward. Like i said before, he is not God so this may not be the best way to move forward and many on here may disagree, but i'd like to think his wisdom contributed a lot towards making such a difficult decision and i hope, for liberty's sake, that it is the best way forward.