Comment: So sad to see how easily people are duped

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So sad to see how easily people are duped

The propaganda media does this all the time. Don't you see it by now?

They do the same in politics. They say what the people want to hear until people eat out of their hands. Then they knife them in the back.

Remember Obama? Remember Glen Beck? This is how they work. It's a blueprint they use all over, all the time.

The propaganda media is nothing but propaganda. Period. All the MSM is owned or controlled by the same elite group. They are playing us and we follow them where ever they tell us to go.

I love that Ron Paul has turned the TV off. Literally. He refuses to support them. We all need to do the same. Turn off your TVs. Don't let them brainwash you anymore. Become free to think for yourself. It is hard to explain but until you turn off your TV you will not understand the manipulation, then when you do it suddenly all becomes very noticeable.