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Signing anything, UNDER

Signing anything, UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY, IS GIVING JURISDICTION. By stating "under penalty of perjury" you are submitting to THEIR penalty of THEIR law...THEIR JURISDICTION. The freeman, "this is what I say, if you do not believe me that is your decision". Swearing oaths to them gets you in trouble, though if you (we) are already under their jurisdiction then they will and can require it of us...

To REMOVE this jurisdiction you would do as USC Title 8 USC § 1481 (a)(6). This removes their jurisdiction. If you are subject to their jurisdiction then you must follow their rules. Once you have removed yourself from their jurisdiction you must AVOID their rules lest you risk putting yourself BACK under the jurisdiction.

There is also the possibilty of removing their jurisdiction by way ofUSC Title 8 USC § 1481 (a)(2) or (4) if one is a Minister of a TRUE Church (not a "incorporated" church). A church is recognized as a form of government, and it is foreign to the United States UNLESS it has incorporated ("join with") the State. These incorporated Churches are the 501c3 "churches", which are not actually churches but instead Tax exempt organizations. Non incorporated TRUE Churches are excluded from taxation (not exempt from tax, but EXCLUDED) as they are not under the jurisdiction of the State. Tax exempt organizations still have to file IRS papers, those who are excluded have no need to file ANYTHING. As a Church Minister you are a government official of a government foreign to the United States, and hopefully you've vowed allegiance to your King, and have NOT broken the First Commandment of that government forbidding you from putting any other King BEFORE YOUR KING...

If you are a Minister of His Church, then you automatically throw off their jurisdiction, but you would be expected and need a congregation as your witness to this fact. And you may be tested to see if you indeed are following the laws of YOUR government, and not merely seeking to avoid taxes of THEIR government. Many have been found to be using this simply for their own benefit which in turn is prima facia evidence that one is NOT of His Church.

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