Comment: Allow Me To Speculate About The Campaign 2012 Strategy

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Allow Me To Speculate About The Campaign 2012 Strategy

Weather we win the primaries or not, it really doesn't matter. Bound or unbound, if we collect the majority of each of the remaining state delegates and then go onto the Tampa convention WE COULD WIN!.

Here's why.

At the RNC most of the delegates bound to Romney are held by Ron Paul supporters. Right? When the first ballot count begins at the convention, the Romney delegates occupied by Paul supporters can vote for Paul or they may abstain. According to RNC rules, the RNC will not enforce or restrict state bound delegates to vote for their respectively bound candidate. In that way Romney doesn't win the nomination on the first ballot...and maybe, just maybe, Ron Paul could theoretically win on the first ballot as well.

If the supporters of Ron Paul who are bound to Romney decide that Ron Paul would make a better candidate for the republican party nomination and at the same time offer the best chance for the party to beat Obamanada in November, then why would it not be possible for Ron Paul to win on the first ballot.

What i am saying is not being able to continue collecting votes per se because of money issues, doesn't mean we are having a setback, it just means that all of the campaign resources are going to be focused on winning the remaining state delegates, because that is the name of the game..DELEGATES, DELEGATES, DELEGATES..