Comment: Goobered Agenda!!!!

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Goobered Agenda!!!!

The temporary chair opens the meeting. The temporary chair is typically some previously established party official at the level of the caucus/convention.

NO ONE **appoints** a "Temporary Chair" during the convention. This is the leper's bell! It is still totally wrong if it is "Appointment of Permanent Chair".

To ELECT a (PERMANENT) chair, the floor should be opened for nominations, and all nominations MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED by the temporary chair,until the close of nominations. The close of nominations is decided by a vote of the BODY, not by assertion from the temporary chair (the opener of the meeting.) The vote to CLOSE NOMINATIONS requires, by RRO, a 2/3 majority.

This agenda lacks "Election of Permanent Chair", and is therefore illegitimate. ALL of the business of any such meeting (after the prayer, pledge, song, and call) must be done under an ELECTED PERMANENT chair.

The order of this agenda is OK, but for it to be legitimate it should have "Election of Permanent Chair", rather than "Appointment of Temporary Chair".

This, the attempt to circumvent ELECTION of a legitimate permanent chair, is where it could get ugly. This is what the temp chair in the St Charles MO, caucus attempted and this resulted very justifiably in a fracas. MAKE CERTAIN YOU GET VIDEO OF THIS and be prepared to you-tube it.