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could not agree more. the

could not agree more. the fact that the media is having family field dAy on this switching of gears for pauls campaighn.theySURELY must know they are thumbing their noses to MILLIONS of potential viewers.or ex viewers.the game is definetely afoot.why do such a thing at their own behest.makes no thing is for sure.....something is goin on.romney is begging paul to quit campaighning.the deal has been made.the r.n.c. is other reason to drop out of macro hypothetics,ron pauls rise is unique.this i promise....doc will anialate anybody at debate podium.he easily took out tool krugman.noone wants to debate him.for they know the usual jig is up.could very well be wrong indeed i may,however it is a slugfest of mass proportions to watch this nomination process.but as of right now i sense ron paul is asking us to relax and enjoy the show......beef jerkey and a large popcorn ay

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