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You can't take it personal

Very good topic for a thread. You can't take the offense as a personal one. There are many reasons we are resisted. Some do it for what they feel are noble purposes. They've bought the lie that if Ron Paul were elected, crack cocaine would be flowing in the streets and, just because it is available, all of our neighbors and colleagues will be shooting up heroin. They've also believed that if we don't keep all of our troops around the world, that planes will be crashing into our buildings every day.

A lot of folks are just afraid, and thought that the way to hold to the "principles" the Party was to squeeze as tight as possible. So do we do the same? Remember that story we learned as kids about the sun and the wind arguing about who could get the man to take off his coat first? Ultimately, it was the warm sunshine that prevailed over the force of the wind. I had to applaud our team in Alaska for how they handled the crisis that emerged just prior to the convention. Those of us in other states could probably learn a few things about how to handle a potential shutout.