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I'm not happy about the campaign's response to what unfolded. I'm confused as to whether they are referring to a select few individuals who may have been disrespectful or perhaps the majority in OK and AZ. Everything I viewed revealed Ron Paul supporters who were acting professionally and with the utmost respect for not only the political process but were very respectful toward every individual I saw them come in contact with. How there response evolved and why they felt it was warranted, I cannot answer. But I was most definitely disturbed by the entire situation beginning with the Romney supporters lying, cheating, stealing, etc. and ending with the Campaign response. That being said, Congratulations and Thankyou to all RP supporters from OK and AZ for your commitment and disciplined approach, hard work and dedication to the RP delegate process. You did what was required and what had to be done. Unfortunately we are up against serial political wanna-be's who will literally do anything including engaging in unlawful acts not just bteaking rules. There were several cases of assault and battery. These people believe they are exempt from Federal and State laws and Statutes. I know most if not all of these assault and batteries were photographed and even filmed. And I hope the patriots who were on the receiving end of these assaults investigate and discover whom the culprits are and accordingly press charges.