Comment: Do not be disheartened. Dr.

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Do not be disheartened. Dr.

Do not be disheartened. Dr. Paul knows that we have to choose fights. We are the process; "We the People". It's not just about him. He's saying no matter what, we will win because the movement continues whether he wins or not. But at the same time, they have a strategy. This is a movement. Even if he dropped out completely (which we know he'd never do), we'd continue on. We've figured it out. I've noticed all along that he says the same message. He says it humbly that it's not his message but the message of freedom. And if you're a Godly person, you can see that this is coming about because we should be doing things that would be favorable to Him. At the same time, we can see the works of Gandhi. I have not studied everything about him but have read his quotes and watched the movie. When the people would revolt violently, Gandhi would fast because it was not what should be done and the people would stop. Dr. Paul wants us to continue but doesn't want to provoke our opponents. We want them to be educated and to join us because the powers-that-be will not be defeated without their help. Inflaming them will only give ammunition to the media and they'll use it against us. That in turn would turn those yet to understand what is going on against the liberty movement at a time when we are nearing a dollar collapse. We already know who is at the helm now in Washington. We need all the friends we can get for this one. Right now, we're an irate minority and little by little, we can convince others to understand what is at stake. Dr. Paul doesn't want us to be disrespectful but continue the process of fairness and video-recording what is going on. He has always said that he believes in civil disobedience but understand what it will lead us to. Remember the St. Charles County, Missouri caucus? You didn't see the campaign complain about it, did you? Heroes. Just as Arizona and Oklahoma are also heroes (without a doubt). But we have to stay on our toes to make sure we follow the rules and no violence ensues. We will get blamed by the complicit mainstream media. How do I know? Because we have thousands upon thousands showing up to Dr. Paul's speeches and no mainstream media coverage. We have cheating and all kinds of nasty things happening at the caucuses and still the mainstream media is not covering it like they should. They still continue to push Mitt Romney. But the first time the campaign gives a whiff of a strategy change, they jump on it like a fly to you-know-what to report "Paul's Done!". "It's Over". etc. We know Dr. Paul isn't done. We know he is taking on a massive establishment. We don't know what kinds of threats he's getting. He knows we're everyday ordinary Americans looking to restore the Republic with the funds we have (considering inflationary pressures, family expenditures, debt problems, taxes,). He's done this before (many times) and knows the game. But this isn't just a game; this is the end of our country if we don't educate our fellow Americans. They are Americans too. By setting good examples, we will win hearts over.