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Tell us, in all your apparent

Tell us, in all your apparent wisdom, exactly what Dr. Paul means? What you are inferring is that Dr. Paul is a fraud, a scammer, a deceiver, is it not? I mean you are saying that Dr. Paul is a subversive, working to undermine the very heart of Liberty through a back-door process, hidden and manipulative...that is what you are saying!

Of course, to arrive at such an absolute idiotic conclusion, you actually have to completely ignore all the writings and the actions of Dr. Paul, not to mention the very character of the man who you now attempt to assassinate his character.

If you are so against Dr. Paul what on earth are you doing here? I mean disagreements are a natural part of any discourse, but you avoid any rebuttal to your comments, you don't give answer to the questions posed to you, you cannot give an adequate explanation to what you purpose, thus what are you doing here if you are so adamantly opposed to the stances that Dr. Paul has taken through the years? The ONLY EXPLANATION is that you are here seeking to proselytize and disseminate a message very far removed from the message being promoted here on the DP, and to subvert the cause of Liberty through that dissimilation.

I can come to no other conclusion, if you have another explanation that can adequately detail your purposes here, then by all means provide it to the good people here on the DP. For I find an unacceptable contrast between what you have purposed thus far throughout your comments and those that Dr. Paul supports and is your night to his day!

For far too long we have given up our monetary freedom, allowing the usurpation of that freedom, particularly in the last hundred years, by this government. By doing so, this power over money has allowed this government to expand its size, its power and its ability to control every aspect of our lives, to write destructively innovative laws that benefit itself and its patronage system. It has reached a scope that would have been completely unimaginable only a few decades ago and it has reached that scope through the absolute monopoly powers of monetary production and manipulation. Throughout the entire process, with each step toward greater monetary control, the results have been far less that what could be considered satisfactory, in fact the degree of government control over this country's money supply has proven to be the impetus for economic stratification, destruction and chaos.

It is time to get the government out of the money business, by doing so the entire patronage system of corporatism can be broken, the political patronages will end and the real possibility of individual freedom and liberty will once again have the opportunity to flourish in this country.

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun