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A tad overdramatic, no?

Our chances have always been slim. Jesse Benton not believing RP will win the nomination reflects that. But RP supporters have always beaten the odds. Why? Because of how highly motivated we are.

And what if RP loses? You will simply give up and let your freedom get taken away? That's a defeatist attitude. Even if he gets defeated, the cause for freedom still continues on. It's cause that HAS NO END. I'm not saying you should sacrifice your entire life for this cause, but a powerful delegate showing is sure to move the cause forward. Maybe not so fast as people would have liked, but it's atleast a step forward. The RNC will be forced to reckon RP as a major element. They will be forced to change. And if they don't change in a direction we like, it will make our movement that much more powerful.

The question that should be asked is simple. Does my attitude add to freedom or detract from it? Just giving up surely doesn't add to it, I can tell you that.