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Look, the point of it all, is that being all emotional and angry will only let ourselves be seen as being extremist and lunatic. Does this mean you aren't allowed to fight back? NO. You are EXPECTED to fight back. And I consider it near impossible to stay polite while fighting back. In that case, what do we mean then? Only fight back against those INDIVIDUALS that have done you wrong. The problem most people have is that they see Romney, Santorum and Gingrich supporters as one group and immediately start lecturing or attacking this group as THE enemy.

It's not about us against them. It's about we, as INDIVIDUALS, trying to combat INDIVIDUALS that have done us wrong, yet being respectful towards those INDIVIDUALS that can still be won to our cause. Some poster said it best, there's a time and place to be rude. If the GOP tries to screw you over, be as loud and rude as you want. But if some supporter tries to explain why he supports this or that candidate or why he thinks we have acted wrongly, explain in a civil manner, without being condescending or trying to lecture, why you disagree.

We mustn't see the enemy as a group, but as individuals, where some can still be won over. Determine which of them can be saved and which one can't and adjust your behaviour accordingly. But don't assume that NONE of them can be convinced, because I've seen numerous posts here making such generalizations.