Comment: Something Happened Behind the Scenes

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Something Happened Behind the Scenes

I will stop short of saying there are any "alliances" but Jesse Benton's email was a concession speech-- not to us but to Romney. After the last weekend's insanity in OK and AZ it is apparent that the Old Guard GOP and New Blood can not co-habitate. There may be some stealth to this but I really think that the campaign is worried that our delegates could get nullified and Ron excluded from the ballot due to neocon trickery.

Jesse Benton and the campaign now want the "public" to think that this is only about a movement and that Ron just wants a chance to be included at the convention. This is all about getting the RNC and Romney supporters to capitulate and be more accepting to our delegates.

Now, do Jesse and Ron, et all, believe that we really may get enough delegates to win? I don't know. I don't even know if they are hoping for that anymore. All we can do is trudge on and hope that this is all just a giant smokescreen that will ensure we are at least on the ballot in Tampa.