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Not This Time

I am a latecomer to the Ron Paul Revolution. I was one of those who use to say that Ron Paul is a kook and that he can't win. In 2008, I walked dejectedly into the polling booth and pulled the lever for John McCain, a man who I personally liked, but politically disagreed with. Not this time.

I researched Dr. Paul and his message and the more I learned the more sold I became. I have donated to the campaign, paid for superbrochures and am looking at my signed, notarized Delegate filing form for the state of Arkansas with a check for $150. I will stand with Ron Paul and his message all the way to Tampa and through the last vote counted. I believe he can win. I think his supporters think he can win. If that doesn't happen, I will not tow the party line. I will not again sacrifice my ideals for the good of a party which has, for the most part, treated Ron Paul's supporters with derision, scorn, fraud and sometimes physical abuse. I wlll continue to fight for change within the party, but until that change comes, I will not stand with them. For in sacrificing my ideals, I give up my right to fight for them. NOT THIS TIME! RON PAUL 2012

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012