Comment: Why, why, why Jesse did you say this?

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Why, why, why Jesse did you say this?

Jesse Benton says - "Unfortunately, barring something very unforeseen, our delegate total will not be strong enough to win the nomination"

Why would he say this??? Our delegate situation has improved and are now just seeing the fruits of our labor. If it is not any good now why was it good enough before?

Jesse Benton says - "Romney is within 200 delegates of securing the party's nod."

What the heck? The campaign has been telling us all along that the numbers from the msm are incorrect. Why is he using exaggerated numbers? With all that we have discovered about the voting process like abstaining on the first ballot and even finding precedence for this, why why why would he say this?

From Politico: "Paul campaign leaders have been in discussions with representatives from both the Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee. They earlier consented to a joint fundraising arrangement between the RNC and Romney."

Sounds like the Paul campaign has already conceded. I don't want to believe all this but what I have learned about the 2008 campaign and listening to the rhetoric of recent emails from this one... has completely taken the wind out of my sails. I know this liberty movement is an on going one and I will completely support its cause but it does not help our spirits to see any concession to Romney or anyone. I hope my take on this is incorrect.