Comment: Today's RP press release is

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Today's RP press release is

Today's RP press release is merely a documented admission of what we have already been doing: HYPER-focusing on Delegates! Delegates! Delegates!

What part of that wasn't clear??

As far as I understand, anyone can become a delegate regardless of whether it's a primary or a caucus state, right?

So, in those states that haven't had their delegate process commence, please do so!

So, just what in God's grace is all the big hoopla today over?

I truly don't get it.

Allow me to repeat: the only way in which GOP nominates its national delegates who will be picking the eventual POTUS nominee, can only be done at the State Conventions!

Then why did the campaign distance themselves and reprimand the grassroots when we fought for the delegates in Idaho? Please explain to me these quotes found at

"In Idaho, isolated instances of grassroots activists working toward an ostensible ‘hostile takeover’ of the GOP are not sanctioned by the Ron Paul national campaign.

"Therefore, the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign condemns efforts to expand its influence in the Republican Party in Idaho and beyond when these activities are couched as vengeful, underhanded, or markedly distasteful." ~National Campaign Manager John Tate