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Fully agree with this thread

Anyone with decent English comprehension can see that this is all spin. The thing is, the email should not be seen as a single issue, but part of a larger overarching strategy.

What did the RP campaign do recently? Allowed the RNC to ignore rule 11, assured them that we won't make a ruckus and assured them that based on AP totals, that we realized that RP won't win and that we were merely hanging on because of Rand Paul in 2016.

The reasoning based on AP totals should have been a dead give away that all of the above is spin in order to chummy up to the RNC. They KNOW the AP totals are false. Yet they clearly reference the AP totals in saying why we won't win.

Some here have been prone to attack the RNC. That's pure idiocy. We cannot win against them head on. They are so many ways they can screw us over, it's not even funny. And people want to ATTACK them, even further diminishing our chances.

Mind you, the RNC WILL screw us over. But their attempt to do that will be diminished if we convince them that we aren't a threat to Romney. There's always enough time to get nasty if things go south.