Comment: We have to play the game

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We have to play the game

Look, none of us are campaign insiders. As much as we hate neocons and the establishment GOP we have to "work" with them in some regard. It is apparent that something is going on behind the scenes that we aren't aware of. This email was meant to be perceived as an olive branch of peace to the Romney campaign and RNC at large, and NOT a white flag of surrender. It is up to us to continue.

Based upon the recent success we had in NV and ME and then the dirty tricks that occurred in AZ and OK it's obvious that the war is on. The Ron Paul campaign has to try and assure the establishment that they are only seeking to be included in the party reformations in Tampa. We essentially want Romney to "throw us a bone." It sucks, but it is what it is. The only hope is that this is just a smoke screen to make our delegate process seem more innocent than it really is.

I still think Ron Paul and the campaign are hoping we take matters into our own hands at the Convention. This is just a PR spin to appease the power brokers into including us. I truly believe that the Ron Paul campaign saw what was happening and sensed that the RNC was going to try and disqualify our delegates.