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I've already addressed that

I've already addressed that Mr. Zemel made objections right beside RP supporters. I have not made a law dictating your behavior nor used violence to coerce you into behaving and I never will. Like I have already stated, you may do as you please, but I encourage civility because what you advocate is detrimental to the cause of liberty. If your YouTube videos are any indication of your conduct and quality of character then I would not be surprised if you did use foul language multiple times. You mistake my call for respectful silence for passive acceptance of mistreatment, when in reality I am calling, for those willing to do so, to take action in the appropriate manner. I am also asking those who are not actively participating to please respect the hard work and effort that we've put into this fight so that we do not have to constantly defend our credibility that's called into question by that kind of immature demeanor. Perhaps you should do something about things you dislike rather than boo from the sidelines or document the injustices on camera. With that, I will no longer grant credibility to your foolishness as you are the one that needs to defend your actions and not I.