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funny thing here...

all I hear coming from Romney supporters, Obama supporters, Gingrich supporters, Santorum supporters... that's all i ever hear them call us... and on top of that "racist", "anti-semite", and even "un-American"... as i recall the video that was shown, and the interview given by the assaulted, there was no name-calling, just a disagreement on politics...

and if you happened to watch the actual video of the actual assault, the old man HIT the RP supporter, the RP supporter tried to get a police officer to press charges, and then the other man proceeded to physically assault him AGAIN by yanking him down into the chair...

so, this "insight" of yours really has no claim since none of it ever really happened.

I'll aslo go over this again: the OK convention had more RP supporters than Romney, and yet they chose to break their own rules, and kicked those that they disagreed with, out... that's not democracy... that's not liberty.

the truth is, we do have a corrupt government, that has many fascistic/communistic tendencies... we do live in a police state... and that's what Ron Paul is fighting against, and that is what we are fighting against... but the difference here is that we don't fight with fists, or guns, or aggressive violence... we fight with the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That's where our real power comes from. We fight to give EVERYONE a chance at freedom and liberty in this country... not just a specific selection of people who can pay for it.

We dont live in a one world government yet, and we will continue to fight against those that would trample the rights of other, or kill those who have a differing opinion, or those who resort to violence when the status quo is challenged.

I have yet to see a Ron Paul supporter to resort to insults... but i do see Romney supporters turn to insults, name calling, rule-breaking, violence, cheating, lying... the list goes on...
Romney himself lies and continues to lie.

you want to know why you see Romney supporters break the rules, cheat at the ballots, and why you dont see Ron Paul supporters ever do this?

Paul supporters are genuine and have integrity, because Ron Paul IS genuine and acts on his integrity in his campaign.
Romney supporters do not have these traits, because Romney does not exemplify nor show these traits in his campaign.

the actions of those you follow will influence the actions of how you live your life.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" ~ Patrick Henry
"I have not yet begun to fight!" ~ John Paul Jones
"If it is treason, then make the most of it!" ~ Patrick Henry