Comment: Respect is earned!

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Respect is earned!

You don't have to have respect for your adversaries, civility is another matter.

* Civility takes a lot less energy than Hostility.
* Being civil projects a professional exterior that will earn you respect.
* Being respected requires even less energy.

WHO do you think people turn to and listen too, the loud mouth, bully or the cool collected courteous representative?

I've been watching loads of streams of conventions, caucuses, marches and waves and Ron Paul supporters interactions with the "opposition", and in 98% those interactions are exemplary, 1% are just stupid and the last 1% makes me wonder if they are right in the head.

It saddens me to hear that Dr. Paul let the 2% reflect on the 98% (Feel free to correct me here)

To the campaign, if they even read these comments, but anyways...

I have no idea what the statement the last few days has been about, besides Dr. Paul's initial statement none of them has made any sense at all. I question the timing and verbiage of them.
An old saying goes;
"If you have nothing good to say, hold your tongue..."

There is a lot of people listening to every word you say, looking for guidance, that are in the stating positions to be delegates right now in 6 more states.

Who are you directing the message too, them or the MSM pundits...

Just my 2 cents from the other side of the Atlantic :)