Comment: Bob Lonsberry Supports The Iraqi Occupation

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Bob Lonsberry Supports The Iraqi Occupation

Bob does a radio broadcast in Utah besides his hometown of Rochester, NY. Lonsberry, Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck have a common denominator, which is their strong religious Mormon faith. He is pro military, and by that I mean using the military as the right-wing of the neoconservative movement to further economic, social and political agendas around the world; under the cover of “defending America”.

He has referred to Dr. Paul as a “screwball” in his website column. (see: and favors Mitt Romney (see:

Bob’s has a popular radio audience because he frequently flaunts patriotic fervor as a reason for fighting for democracy around the world. He is an Army military veteran and served as a journalist.

Now, what IS surprising to me about Bob is that he is vilified by a pro LDS website as being an operative of the New World Order (NWO). (see: home page, search on “Lonsberry”).

This website is very complimentary to Congressman Paul, so could it be possible our cause has support within a faction of LDS?