Comment: Its ON, brothers and sisters of LIBERTY!!

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Its ON, brothers and sisters of LIBERTY!!

After all I have put into Ron Paul, mind, heart, money, love, I will NOT and can NOT wavier! After all I have seen from other true Ron Paul AMERICAN patriot's, I can NOT and will NOT waiver. These naysayer's and doubters are merely weak minded failures. I feel for their family's and co-worker's, to feel so strong for a real presidential candidate and then give up? Shows your character or lack there of!

There is to many freedom lovers to say this is over! And if Ron does or doesn't make it. There is no doubt in my mind the real revolution begins!! And I cant wait, its going to be an all out war! It will be time to start running for office in your neck of the woods, man or woman up!! I have never felt so strong about a group of people I have never met in entire life. I truly love you ALL!! Ill see you all at Tampa! Lets ROCK that place!!