Comment: Too Much Misinformation?

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Too Much Misinformation?

I wonder if perhaps the problem is not the campaign, but rather it's the misinformation we've gotten ONLINE and people in the movement?

Part of that problem, however, stems from a lack of information and guidance from the campaign. As a result, we're on a different planet than the campaign is. Turns out the campaign has been working with the GOP.

Now everyone feels blindsided.

I never really got too excited in this delegate process, always feeling like there was no path to the nomination this year. Yet we must remember that liberty-candidates will continue to see more success within this new liberty-GOP grassroots movement and eventually we will see more candidates come on the scene - people we've never heard of before who can lead the movement going forward.

This platform, in order to get my vote, would have to require constitutional wars only. But the key is this - MITT ROMNEY MUST SWEAR TO THIS ON VIDEO WITH HIS HAND ON A BIBLE. That he will only go to war with a declaration of war.