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Agreed, marriage isn't mentioned in the constitution...

HOWEVER... if you're going to force citizens to get government approval to get married, then you have to let ALL citizens get that government approval. I.E. the government can't keep blacks from marrying whites, so they shouldn't be able to prevent gays from marrying. It's not like saying that a certain church or private organization has to treat gays equally. Hell, I'm of the opinion that as a PRIVATE individual or group, you have an absolute right to be as bigoted, homophobic, racist, or in any other way as big of a dick as you want to be (just as I have the right to choose not to associate with you OR GIVE YOU MY MONEY). But Government CAN NOT do that. Hence equal protection under the law.

Bottom line: all we have to do is confine government back down and this wouldn't be an issue. I.E. GET THE GOVERNMENT THE HECK OUT OF MARRIAGE!

As for the tax implications of marriage: repeal the 16th amendment and abolish the IRS. Done.