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Lurked here a long time, had to join to comment on this....

I found Paul before there was a DP, heck I found him in the mid 90's when no one took his ideas seriously. I was amazed to hear him on cspan talking about personal liberties and the limits of government power. I looked at his voting record and saw he meant what he said.

I was on places like slashdot before there were sites like reddit etc., BEFORE 2001, telling people about what seemed to be the only honest congressman I had ever found.

Now my take -

What the campaign did is stupid.

The Neocons are NOT going to make substantive reforms. They are the warfare part of the welfare/warfare state. They may pay lip service
to some of the ideals but that is it.

The only way this is going to change is to take over the local parties and then simply refuse to "play ball".

Paul is not up for re-election, so frankly I can only come to the conclusion that he is doing this to help his son. This action will backfire IMO.

It shouldn't matter to the campaign if Romney has the delegates, or if the convention gets "ugly". We are talking about Liberty and the Constitution, and even if they are defeated on the floor you don't give up beforehand.

Did Patrick Henry say "Give Me Liberty if it's convenient."???

At this point I don't think enough people care, nor do I think it's gotten bad enough to make them. I am honestly thinking that I am going to vote for the greater of two evils from now on to hasten the demise.

In Liberty!