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I kind of agree with this post entirely

Lets just ignore Benton and the naysayers. Lets just keep winning delegates and participating in the process. Lets keep changing the party from the ground up and lets make sure we deny Romney the nomination. What is the point of nominating Romney anyway ? So we can have 2 Obamas running against each other ? I thought the point was to have a real conservative in the race? Someone who will geniunely cut spending, obey the constitution, and protect citizen civil liberties ?

The Paul people have been cheated time and time by the establishment - they shut the lights out, ignore rules, close down conventions, etc etc - and yet we are taking heat for not being "civilized" or "respectful"

I can agree that there are those that may at times not be respectful - but its a reaction to being spit on so many times - and having your voice squelched unfairly ....... (ok maybe some people are geninuely nasty - but there are those people everywhere) For the most part - it seems to me Paul people are honest, working harder than the other campaigns, more dedicated, and more passionate - is there something wrong with that ?

Lets just keep at it - half of what has been done at the county and state levels have probably been the result of individual citizens taking the fight upon themselves with other concerned citizens in their local areas - they have heard the message of Dr Paul and Liberty and have ran with it - it wasn't Jessie Benton leading them to win delegate slots and learn Robert's Rules

Lets just keep with it