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I am sorry Lib, but I disagree because

I have been to 2 AZ conventions. It is very clear to me that it is rather easy to take over top GOP leadership positions.

1) Become a PC by getting 10 other republican voter signatures.
2) Become a delegate
3) Become a GOP CD leader by getting all your other liberty delegates to vote for you. That is it, that is victory, that is control.

Yes, its that dam easy.

And it is that dam hard. Hard because its a process, nothing more, nothing less. Numbers rule. Unfortunately, me included, people get all side tracked. Its not a debate society, its not a pew to preach from, its not a meeting place to convert the non-converted, ..etc. Indeed, its just wise good politics to SAY NOTHING, just do the process, collect & credential the numbers of liberty patriots WE ALREADY HAVE.

Now that most liberty minded delegates in Arizona have had a good look at the 1,000 delegate floor, they can literally SEE, that it is those 1,000 delegates that ARE THE AZ GOP. They make the rules, set the policies and republican goals. So, can we get 1,000 liberty delegates in AZ? Absolutely. We have the numbers to do this. We just need to mobilize our people. Plain and simple.

I think it will be the same inside the AZ DNC too.


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