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Comment: Politics and GOP is dirtier than you think.

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Politics and GOP is dirtier than you think.

The true leadership positions are the ones the bush family and cheney, rove, etc.. hold. They work behind the scenes in bringing about tumult. No, you are not going to see the true decision makers and them at work.

The 'leadership' positions you are talking about are not leadership. It sounds like just a fake, admin role. I am sure you have more to offer to politics, and GOP won't give you a real role.

The delegate rules are psychotic and stupid. Liberty is not about the undemocratic rules of delegates. So any delegate strategy is stupid and just means you think the GOP is hot and steaming and want to follow their rules.

Libertarian party and other at least somewhat credible parties would never have such thing as delegates. And it ain't cool to follow 'delegate strategy', meaning it ain't cool to follow gop in what their do (including going to the convention to cheer on the already nominee - romney).