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Suggestions for future conventions

First, know the rules - but not just Robert's Rules. Your state party rules are above those, and the National ones as well.

Second, stay "out of the weeds". You will lose people if you get hyper-technical, so try to not bog things down. If people see you as someone with a legitimate complaint, they will support you. If they think you are just up there to hear yourself talk, you'll get shouted down fast.

Third, have multiple people ready to step up. I would suggest a minimum of four, who are all on the same page as to strategy. A few backups doesn't hurt. Make sure your side follows their lead, and make sure they keep things moving forward.

Fourth, expect the unexpected. There is your side and there is the other side, the part I forgot about was everyone else. They have concerns too, and will be going to the mic as well. Doesn't hurt to help them out if you agree with them, and it will be appreciated.

Hope that helps, just some general thoughts. It is not so much what you know, but how you present it that wins over the crowd.