Comment: It's not frustration, it's fear.

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It's not frustration, it's fear.

Taking your example of the Youtube quote, "Ron Paul is our savior", you mention that the individual who wrote this does not "understand" the Ron Paul movement. I would argue that he does understand. My interpretation of that quote is, "Ron Paul will save us from the tyranny that rules our country". I understand your argument that this movement is bigger than the individual but you fail to factor in time. Yes, starting out with county, moving on to state and then taking on the federal government is a great plan but how long will it take? People are scared right now. Scared that something terrible will happen soon; an assassination, a devastating false flag, martial law.

I for one am not feeling frustration, I'm scared that the closer I get to liberty the harder the established power will push back. Ron Paul may not be my savior but at this present moment he is the voice of my urgency and my anxiety.

I understand what you are saying, I just don't know how long we have until the establishment's hammer is dropped.