Comment: O damn you, you beautiful bastard.

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O damn you, you beautiful bastard.

There's too much toying with my emotions!! I can't take it any more! Lol... and you know what? NONE OF IT MATTERS ANYWAYS!! Here's why:

A stranger walking past me at a metro stop yesterday saw me in one of very many RP shirts and said to me, totally out of the blue: "O, what, you think he's gonna go rogue?", barely slowing down as he passed me. Since I always have the "Ron Paul" or "Fight for your LIBERTY" program running in the background of my brain I didn't miss a beat and immediately smiled and responded: "It doesn't matter because either way I'll never vote for Obamney, I'll just write Ron Paul in if I have to." ... the look on his face was phenomenal! He stopped dead in his tracks and you could see his brain short circuit as he tried to take in "Obamney" and the fact that RP has such hardcore supporters. The best part was as he rebooted his brain and started walking again he was nodding to himself and had this combination look on his face of "WTF just happened" and a smile! :)

Hearts and minds man. Hearts and minds. Whether Jesse is a secret ninja judo Jedi master or a buffoon, it doesn't matter. We're gonna win in the long run either way. :-D