Comment: PLEASE!! Do NOT Buy These Signs!

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PLEASE!! Do NOT Buy These Signs!

First, they are a functionally stupid design (what am I supposed to do? Hold this stupid thing out for how long? No clapping, no picture taking, no ANYthing!)

Worse though, instead of buying 3 of these at 6+ dollars a pop, you could send 20 dollars to the money bomb which will help Ron Paul raise the money he needs to continue winning this campaign with! And NOT to some company reaping in huge profits with all their "swag" so that they might give the Paul campaign "a portion of their proceeds!" What does that mean? Is a nickel a "portion?" How about a PENNY? It sure is!

If you need a sign MAKE ONE! They mean more that way besides! Why do you think Romney hands out fake "homemade" signs at his rallies? (If you can call a rally 150 people) They show sincerity! (though in our case it would be REAL!)

And if you're not feeling capable and you really need to buy a sign, buy it from the ronpaul2012 site where ALL the profit goes to the campaign, not just some insignificant "portion!" And believe me, if it were significant, they wouldn't just TELL you what it was, they would BRAG about it!

I make my own designs and print them on iron-ons for T-shirts. I buy blank sticker sheets at Staples and print "A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama!" cut them out and stick them on EVERYTHING! Gas pumps, public bathroom mirrors, stop signs... I write in pen on dollar bills. I've even used refrigerator magnets glued side by side onto the backs of glossy printed signs and put them on my car. Then after figuring out all the money I saved, I SEND IT TO THE CAMPAIGN!! I really DO!

Ron Paul needs our money to go on. He asked us for it last week and many of us waited for the money bomb. Well it's here now so send your money! And send it to the right person!