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So what you are saying is

So what you are saying is that Ron Paul is incompetent? Maybe senile?

It MUST be what you are saying. There is no other way to explain your theory that Ron Paul doesn't even have control over his own campaign. And not only that, that AFTER someone on his staff went "rogue" with not one, but TWO e-mails this week, Ron Paul didn't IMMEDIATELY fire him and then correct the matter with a personal press conference saying the e-mails were false.

I realize you have chosen to live in some alternate universe, since the real world has not been kind to you for 20 or so years...but IN the real world, Ron Paul gave the OK for EVERY SINGLE WORLD of Benton's e-mails this week.

To suggest otherwise is saying that Ron Paul is a senile, incompetent old man that is unfit to be president of the PTA let alone USA.