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Comment: Ron Paul Not Likely To Endorse Mitt Romney, Adviser Says

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Ron Paul Not Likely To Endorse Mitt Romney, Adviser Says

Ron Paul Not Likely To Endorse Mitt Romney, Adviser Says

WASHINGTON -- A top adviser to Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Tuesday that the insurgent presidential candidate will probably not endorse Mitt Romney for president.

"I would never say never," said Jesse Benton, national chairman of Paul's campaign. "I do not believe that that is likely."

Benton told reporters that Paul and his campaign staff have appreciated the respect with which the Romney campaign has treated them in discussions about the party platform, which will be voted on at the Republican convention in Tampa in August.

But Benton said the support of Paul's devoted supporters is not guaranteed to go to Mitt Romney and issued a warning. Paul, a 76-year-old congressman who is leaving the House after his current term, wants placed on the platform the following: a proposal for stricter oversight of the Federal Reserve, a ban on indefinite detention of American citizens as well as a provision advocating greater freedom on the Internet, to keep the government from treating it as a "public utility."

Benton implied that if the carefully selected items are not included in the platform, many of Paul's supporters might withhold support from Romney in the fall election.

"The ball is in the court of the Republican Party and the court of Mitt Romney," Benton said. "We're bringing forward an attitude of respect, and we're also bringing forward some very specific things that we believe in. If our people are treated with respect, if our ideas, their ideas are embraced and treated seriously and treated with respect, I think the Republican Party will have a very good chance to pick up a substantial number of our votes."

"On the flip side," Benton continued, "if they're treated like they were in 2008, a lot of people are going to stay home and a lot of people are going to sit on their hands."


Benton was definitive about one thing. He was asked whether Paul might consider campaigning for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

"There is no chance of that," Benton said.


Jesse tries hard to say without saying and comes off as making not so veiled threats. Is there any oversight to groom speakers as to how to present the message or they just open the mouth and
let it out?

Especially a young person like Jesse needs to have a groomer/speech coach to check HOW he presents what the campaign wants the masses to know.

IMV the message Jesse was told to get out to the masses is we may
not get to be the nominee due tothe repub organization having chosen their man but we do have some aces up our sleeves and everyone needs to know we are not neutered yet.

Now we dont know what the heads above Jesse want to be got out but he doesnt have the polish to phrase his statements so as ot be clear yet subtle and looks like the school yard bully saying
you have the balls and court but we have the score pads and towels
ya na na na na.

Sad image to show the masses. Now If this is just a ploy to let a little air out of the whole rommnie machine and let them chillax a bit, I can understand, but we see no hand signals from Tate or Wead to let us know they are just playing sharp chess.

Politics is down and dirty and I was stunned to read in another thread here of when Wead secretly taped PRIVATE conversations with GWB while in his employ. I believe Wead saw Ron Paul as the Light on the Path and is in his corner but how many deals could he make and then tell Jesse what to say to the masses while some real convoluted plays are in action?

can a leopard change its spots ? can a life long political manipulator pass up a chance to secure victory?
Having an advisor like Michel Machiavellli in the cabinet is a plus if he doesnt step over any rigid lines put up by TPTB.

Jesse cant think THAT deep. ;)


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.