Comment: You STILL don't get it.

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You STILL don't get it.

The problem is that the PR from the campaign on Mon and Tues cut the legs off the literally thousands of state delegates who slogged it out the entire time to get to the state convention: nights, weekends, meeting after meeting, ignomy, vote after vote, flyer after flyer, month after month, dollar after dollar.

It's hard enough to win at convention, though it is possible if you do your job right.

But when the chairman or the party knows more than you do about your OWN faction or has another baseball bat to use against you, provided to them by your OWN campaign, it makes it 1000 times harder.

It was disrespectful to those thousands of silent supporters who did what the campaign asked in the most respectful and diligent manner and who contributed, likely, more time and $ of their own beyond contributions to the campaign than anyone else in order to stick it out and attend their state conventions.

THAT was the problem with it. The best support the campaign could have given to them was NONE. Say nothing. Let the conventions happen.

Calls for civility? Fine. Scale back expenditures? Fine. Do whatever horsetrading they have to do? Fine.


Let our people do the jobs they know how to do. The PRs over the last two days cut the legs out from those people still marching to convention and was incredibly insensitive. Additionally, they were completely contrary to the "delegate strategy" which strategy was created by, belongs to and is being executed by those VERY PEOPLE the press releases cut the legs out from under.