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Exactly and then some....

First thing, we must see the forest through the trees. Warning: It's about to get a little hokie for some and perhaps piss off a few GOP haters but bare with me please.


Our founding fathers created the constitution on the basis of protecting liberty by keeping government limited and the people powerful. Ron Paul message resinates with this idea, in turn has resinated with us, and coincides the GOP's limited government ideology (concept infancy was well over 200 years ago). Over time the RINOs have infilterated it to the point of being almost unrecognizable of what is once stood for. Our most successful vice to promote and conserve the constitution and defend the people's freedoms was taken right beneath us. As it stands the current GOP establishment would never nominate a liberty candidate. They don't represent the ideology (yet). We must regain our helm first--NOT with outright force but with enlightenment and compromise. From there we can elect the most qualified representive to promote and defend the liberty message; Dr. Ron Paul.


I believe Jesse's words were chosen wisely to defuse the opposition. It was risky but remember--Force doesn't work and only creates blowback and we are getting some hanious blowback. However, force should not be confused with perserverance-- it is what got those delegates this far and the campaign intends to strenghthen it.

"Governor Romney is now within 200 delegates of securing the party’s nod"

The [NeoGOP]PARTY's nod. We all know the current PARTY system goes by projected bound delegates to the sum of 1145 to be nominated BEFORE going to the RNC. It's still an unofficial nomination until then.

With the remaining primaries Ron Paul cannot get the PARTY's nod before the RNC unless, "barring something very unforeseen" ie...if he won the remaining bound delegate projections outright or if Romney drops out. We do not foresee either of these.

"However, our delegates can still make a major impact at the National Convention and beyond."

Ron Paul is utilizing the delegate route and the fruiton of this strategy won't be seen until delegates convene at the RNC. From there they'll confirm the RNC rules(violations of the rules), platform changes (this is where the skillset "enlighten and compromise" comes in), and then vote for their candidate according to those rules and platform.

As I explained the before, the platform MUST change to make it possible for Ron Paul or any future Liberty-minded candidate to ever clinch RNC's nomination, who is the OFFICIAL nominee, to go onto the general elections.