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Comment: we're not in church and you're not a Paul supporter...

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we're not in church and you're not a Paul supporter...

How does one handle a bully? I'll tell you this, being respectful and silent will not work. Romney bought over our silence in Iowa and cost us the spot light. The kind of money Romney has could drown respect dead in the water. No, silent and respectful will not work at this stage of the campaign; they threw the first stone. It was our screams and fearlessness that turn the tide. It was our "fighting for our lives" attitude that won positions for Paul's delegates. Never stand silent to or respect a bully. If a bully wants to fight, you take him down before he finished his thoughts of attacking you. We can work on respect after we've won the battle.

Where's the respect for Paul from the media? Where's the respect for Paul from the local and state republican leaders? Where's the respect for Ron Paul's caucus voters before they were forced to push back? Ron Paul supporters suffered the same kind of disrespect they gave to Paul and it's high time we kick some back and let them know what it feels like. Respect, respect, you shoot that out like you know but you don't. Respect is not giving freely, it must be earned! If the other side want our respect then they should've played by the rules! You're not a Ron Paul supporter--we all know what the other side did to us and continues to do. We will respond accordingly--respect is a two way street, don't ask for what you're not giving.

Did you write your speech in the Romney camp?! It really piss me off when people talk with blinded eyes.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!