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Comment: Credentialed Attendees will make it happen & Paul knows it.

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Credentialed Attendees will make it happen & Paul knows it.

This strategy change was a streak of brilliance. Think about it. Ron Paul is the only one with answers and solutions to the problems our country faces.

Being able to hear him speak is a privilege! He could name his price and thousands would be willing to pay to hear him. However, limiting his appearances to venues where only serious patriots are present who will be the ones to put his plans in action is brilliant, I think. Then those who want to get up close and personal will have to be serious enough about it to work towards implementing change in this country -- Ron Paul style---- by becoming a delegate and or getting involved in the process in some way shape or form.

The state conventions as Dr. Paul is impacting them are basically training programs for change back to an open and honest government that our Founding Fathers wanted. The attendees at the state conventions are the ones who can and will make it happen! Maine is a perfect example.

Spending a bunch of money just to go speak to the general public who, if they don't know who Ron Paul is by now have been living under a rock for the past 4 years or more, is a waste of money and Dr. Paul's efforts. His energy is FAR better spent focusing on the doers that can take action and who WANT to do so, at state conventions.

It is the "credentialed attendees" at these state conventions as the delegate nominees have been described before, who are the most receptive to his ideas and who can make best use of them.

Let Dr. Paul inspire them to make this strategy laser-like in its effectiveness and impenetrable by Romney and his ilk (and later Obama), So it takes us back to a FREE America we are all thirsting for.