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this is true

I was there. I saw it. All of the people who were holding the plain red and green (yea/nay) signs with yellow hats on were Romney supporters and they were passing out fake/counterfeit ballots. I wasn't fooled, and none of the RP delegates I was with were fooled, but if I ever witness this again I am just going to follow behind the peckerhead and pick the fake ballots up as fast as he/she passes them out and proclaim loudly what the under-handed malcontent is up to. It really was a bunch of crybabies making trouble because they didn't have the numbers (but it was close!) or the organization (they had some but not as solid as ours). Romney supporters also went to the mic and nominated well-known RP supporters from around the state who were not actually running for national delegate in an effort to try and split our vote. All those folks had to go to the mic to withdraw their nomination. Just another dishonest sleaze ball delay tactic put on by Romney supporters.