Comment: Dr. Paul has come a long way, baby!

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Dr. Paul has come a long way, baby!

Dr. Paul had no official speeches at the 2008 Texas GOP convention. He had a rally with a full house, but no speeches during the official events for that particular convention in Houston.

This scheduled breakout session speech is more than just good news ... it's an amazing step forward for the RPT, in my opinion.

For those of us who were at the George R. Brown convention center in 2008 in Houston, we remember how the chair had microphones silenced every time someone tried to give props to Dr. Paul from the general assembly ... we haven't lost the enthusiasm (and financial resources) that Dr. Paul brought to the party four years ago. And we've educated ourselves "real good" since then.

Scheduling this breakout session speech of Dr. Paul's may just be a way of saving face for the RPT, attempting to bring R3vol into the fold ... but I don't think it is.

We (the R3volution) have made inroads into local positions of power over the last several years and will definitely have a much more vocal presence in Fort Worth this cycle.

Some of my fellow delegates (and my county chair, too) are open to accepting Dr. Paul's platform. I really do hope his speech will convince them that he really is the only choice for nominee.

Things are only getting more interesting, folks!

BTW, the Texas GOP convention is a three day affair. Dr. Paul will be speaking on day one. What an opportunity to set the tone for our state convention!!!!!!!