Comment: Very, very interesting.

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Very, very interesting.

IMHO, the white a former day rough (very rough) equivalent the "shadow convention"...those scalliwags are trying to pull in Nevada. Obviously there are differences where the former is based upon shutting out people because of their skin color, while the latter is based upon shutting out people because of their candidate.

And I agree the "private club" thing seems a little suspect too, especially when they are relying upon case law which turns out to be shady at best, racist at worst, rulings in 1921.

Well done on this forum! This is very important.

As always...the Paul supporters never cease to amaze me:

If you get the official "answer" to the question, then you change the paradigm a bit and start to question the veracity of the answer...something Dr. Paul has done time and time again!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

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