Comment: The real Obama Supporters - Fallin and the neocons

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The real Obama Supporters - Fallin and the neocons

Is the governor of Oklahoma completely retarded? What an idiot.

Can she not realize that she and the neoconservative wing of the Republican Party are pure Obama loving clones on all the substantive issues that actually make any difference at all. When they look in the mirror there is the Obama staring right back at them. She and the rest of the neocons are in love with Obama because they are the virtual spitting image of Obama’s view of government and political actions.

Look at the substantive issues one by one:

Won’t take any real action to eliminate even a single government department - check

Support the hideous Hitleresque doctrine of preemptive warfare - check

Continued voting for deficit spending - check

Continued raising of the debt “ceiling” - check

Support/passage and extension of the Patriot Act - check

Passage of the NDAA - check

Destruction of due process - check

No respect and complete indifference to following the Constitution whenever it presents a hurdle to their desire for expanded government power and control - check

Continued indebtedness to maintain and expand foreign warfare, occupations, and military empire - check

Supports socialist bailouts of bankers and wealthy oligarch cronies - check

Continued foreign welfare/aid - check

Won’t end the income tax - check

Won’t fully audit the Federal Reserve - check

Violates national sovereignty by unilaterally invading other nations with covert operations and spy drones - check

Won’t end the Federal Reserve - check

Won’t restore free competition in currency - check

Won’t follow the Constitutional requirement for sound money - check

Continues to manufacturer “war”, “war on terror”, fear mongering and create sting operations to foster “terrorist" plots that otherwise would never exist, as a pretense and gateway for continued consolidation of power and implementation of further totalitarian controls, and fascist partnerships. - check

Refusing to ever balance the budget, always proposing some budget plan where some “future” Congress gets it balanced under some imaginary rosy projections. - check

Supports federalization of law enforcement through anti-constitutional, anti-due process mechanisms like the federal “war on drugs”, civil “forfeiture” laws, anti-cash policies, big brother oversight of everything you do through so called “money laundering” and mandatory reporting and coercion into fully traceable electronic transactions for everything you do. - check

Support of internal passport control system and restricted travel, business interaction through continued introduction of programs like the “real ID” and national Id programs and everify and I-9 reporting - check

Continued establishment of precedent of complete annihilation of due process and implementation of arbitrary control over citizens through programs like the no fly list that allows no hearing, requires no judicial review, allows no trial or contesting of evidence, and requires no judicial adversarial testing of accusations and evidence - check

Continues to fund the TSA and roll out of the naked-body radiation shower scanners and mandatory but useless arbitrary groping of travelers - check

Continued restriction of US citizen travel and business outside of the US through currency controls, expanded reporting mandates and economic threats on foreign enterprises so onerous that most foreign financial institutions and banks now refuse to even service any American customers overseas - check

Continued allowance of totalitarian big brother surveillance through warrantless wiretapping, email snooping, telephone tracking and eavesdropping - check

Continued promotion of nebulous and amorphous categorization classifications (like enemy noncombatant, combatant, hostile, support for hostile, belligerent, anyone who commits belligerent act, anyone who supports a belligerent or hostile or “hostile” group or organization or does business or other transactions with such – eventually this grows to include protesters, gun owners, activists – you) as justification and precedent for elimination of due process and eradication of the Constitution - check

Continued expansion of isolationist policies like economic blockades, sanctions, and war to isolate sovereign entities from free and open trade, travel and interaction with other nations - check

Whitewashing and tacit support for torture by refusing to prosecute and punish those who authorized and implemented torture, even actively blocking the efforts of other countries to investigate and prosecute such acts - check

Yup Mary Fallin and Obama are two peas in a pod. Not a whiff of actual substantive difference in the direction they proceed.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl