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"About explanation of "Ron

"About explanation of "Ron Paul campaign didn't do much" : Delegate organization is a grassroots effort, not campaign. Big credit for our successes in Maine, Minnesota, Nevada are down to grassroots. Campaign did very little towards that."

Maine most certainly was 100% official campaign. Eric Brakey, from the official campaign, was in Maine, continuously, since 2011. Months before the caucuses, and through the convention. I was in Maine. It was organized, Ron Paul supporters, voters, delegates were trained, and we won 21/21 delegates.

Minnesota has The Collins. He ran the war room. He's official campaign. I wasn't there, I don't know the organizational structure there, but it certainly appears that Minnesota was run by the campaign.

Nevada's convention was the same day as Maine's. Ron Paul himself was in Nevada that day. I'd assume, given that, that Nevada was a 100% official campaign effort.

It's just wrong to say that "grassroots" had more to do with our big delegate victories in those 3 states than the official campaign.

Maine was 100% official campaign. I was there, and we got 100% of the delegates.