Comment: Charlie Webster EX-Maine GOP Chairman Lied at Convention

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Charlie Webster EX-Maine GOP Chairman Lied at Convention

During the Republican Convention the GOP Chairman Charlie Webster (ousted by a Ron Paul Chairman) tried to get Mainers to give in to the stalling tactics of Mitt Romney people by lying about the amount of money the party would be responsible for if the convention ran over. Several times Charlie Webster interrupted to tell us that it would cost $10,000.00 AN HOUR for any time we went over the supposed 6:00PM deadline! And that we Ron Paul people would have to pick up the tab ourselves as he was not going to authorize it. The truth? We incurred an additional $300.00 for staying more than two hours late. THESE NON-RON PAUL PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THEIR POSITIONS OF POWER - LYING IS MERELY A CONTINUATION OF BUSINESS AS USUAL TO THEM. It's time to change that. How much nicer will it be not to be surrounded by liars?! Thank God for Ron Paul and for everyone who is willing to stand up, to stand beside him, to stand up for him, and to fight these awful people!