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The coolest part was that I got an email from one of the Paul family saying how much they liked the drawing. I had asked that the link be forwarded to RP as well.

All the credit goes to photoshopwiz and the others who took time out of their workday to help make and promote these things. I just had a basic idea, and the pros took it from there.

Nui has spent a bunch of cash and time travelling around to make these videos.
There are SO many people out there in the trenches that are going through the delegate process, maintaining websites, streaming events, putting out press releases, canvassing, etc, etc, etc.. I am in awe of the grassroots, and their talent, ability, and determination. I am nobody, compared to some of these folks.

I wish we could all take over some lake here in Texas, and have our own county. NH is just too cold for me.